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Half a Century of Experience

About Us

Our company began heat treatment processes in 1967 in Bursa, which is at the center of automotive and machinery industry in Turkey, with an electric furnace manufactured by Mr. Adem Oner, who was a technical teacher.

Today, our company meets all the heat treatment needs of its customers from a single point with atmosphere controlled furnaces, vacuum furnaces, nitriding furnaces, induction hardening machines and additional services in its modern plant,  which is approximately 5000 m2, in BTSO OSB.

Our company - which constantly follows the technological developments in the sector and is one of the pioneers in Turkey with its investments in these technologies - is one of the biggest and best quality heat treatment companies of our country with its 50 years of experience, experienced staff and management team aware of its duty for 3 generations; and is the solution partner preferred by leading international and domestic industry organizations in the sector.



Having 50 years of experience in heat treatment and being one of the oldest contract heat treaters of our country, our company is a solution partner in heat treatment and material science to industrial organizations through combining its technologies with its experiences.

Experienced Staff

 For the excellent quality in the heat treatment sector, the staff is as important as the machinery and equipment. In our company, we are providing our customers the best quality and service with our professional team of doctors, certified engineers and experienced blue-collar staff.

High Technology

Our company has chosen the best and most advanced technology of the sector for its investment in machinery and equipment; thus, it guarantees perfect repeatability and quality in processes carried out

Superior Quality

The primary aim of our company is to present the best quality to our customers. The whole team acts according to this awareness. In order to accomplish this aim, we incorporate high technology in all of our devices and equipment, and all the processes that we apply are done under computer control and then recorded.

Fast Service

We know how important time is for our customers. Within this awareness, we provide the fastest service to our valuable customers by working 24/7 with our high heat treatment capacity and equipment of different sizes providing flexibility in production.



Our company, which has always strived to respond to all requests and demands of our customers with great devotion since 1967 when we started to serve in the sector of heat treatment, proceeds its way in business life as having earned the trust of over 1000 customers today  in return for this devotion.

Heat Treatment & Services



Heat Treatments

Heat Treatments

Steel Supply

Steel Supply




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Heat Treatment

BOSB Turuncu Cad. No: 12, 16120

Nilüfer/Bursa, TURKEY

+90 (0224) 242 43 10

+90 (0224) 242 43 11 (fax)

Steel Supply

Beşevler Sanayi Sitesi 26.Blok No: 6-15 

Nilüfer/Bursa, TURKEY

+90 (0224) 441 97 13

+90 (0224) 441 46 15 (fax)

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