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The grinding process that we perform to remove wastes generated after heat treatment and to give the final measurements to the material is carried out with grinding machines in various sizes and types in our company.

Surface Grinding

It is the method used for grinding planar surfaces. In this method, the piece is fixed with the help of a magnetic table when the wheel is rotating. After the wheel contacts the surface of the piece on the highest point of the table, namely the point nearest to the wheel, the grinding process continues until the whole surface is grinded. Then the piece is measured and the actual measure is taken, chip is fed according to this measure, and the grinding process continues until the piece takes the required dimensions with required intervals.

Our company has a single surface grinding machine. Our machine can grind up to 300 * 1500 mm.

Center Grinding

It is the machine used for grinding cylindrical materials with a center hole. The contact of the grinding wheel to the cylindrical material between two centers results in a very fine chipbeing removed from the material surface, this way the material is shaped into the required precision measure.

Our company has a single center grinding machine. Our machine can grind up to 600 mm in diameter and 100 mm in size.

Centerless Grinding

It is used in the grinding of work pieces on which a center hole is not made or impossible to make.
While one of the wheels is grinding, the other moves the work piece in its own axis. This wheel is called conveying wheel. Peripheral speed difference occurs between the two operating wheels. The grinding wheel rotates the work piece at a speed close to its own peripheral speed. The peripheral speed of the work piece is slightly reduced by the conveying wheel.
This enables the wheel to remove chips from the work piece.

There are 2 centerless grinding machines in our company. Our machines can grind up to 100 mm in diameter.

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